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Meeda and Me Series written & illustrated by Rhonda Paglia


Meeda and Me – Book #1 :

This is the first story in the “Meeda and Me” series.  The book introduces the Sofia Margaret and her imaginary friend, Meeda.  An early reader book with an easy, repetitive phrase.

 The Woozler – Book #2:

Sofie and Meeda are best buddies.  Meeda lives in Sofie’s mirror, but sometimes she comes out.  The Woozler moved into their backyard and is living in a hole under their apple tree!  He’s a big grouch and doesn’t like people.  Worst of all, someone stole his treasure map.  The girls want to help!  Will the Woozler become their friend?

Merry Christmas, Woozler – Book #3:

It’s Christmas and Sofie and Meeda are excited!  The girls are having fun until Sofie starts thinking about the Woozler. Is the Woozler okay? Does he celebrate Christmas?  Well, Sofie and Meeda have a plan!

 Trouble with Chocolate – Book #4:

Sofie and Meeda want the grumpy Woozler to be their friend. He doesn’t like people, but he LOVES chocolate! While working on their math and munching chocolate treats, Sofie and Meeda hatch a plan to win the Woozler’s friendship.  They soon discover that the Woozler + Chocolate = BIG TROUBLE!

the-woozlers-halloweenNEW:  The Woozler’s Halloween written & illustrated by Rhonda Paglia: 

Little Frankincense is a shy woozler. He doesn’t like people, he doesn’t have any friends, but he LOVES Halloween! He’s full of excitement – and hopeful! “Maybe this year, I’ll get some trick-or-treaters!” Frankincense looks for his very special handmade broom – to sweep the leaves – off the path – but the broom is gone! Did he lose it? Did someone take it? Where did it go – and why? Frankincense discovers the rascally culprit and hatches a spooky plan to try and get it back! Oh Frankincense, how is THIS Halloween going to turn out? (Currently only available for Kindle.)

Three Little Gnomes – written by Rhonda Paglia, illustrated by Ratna Kusuma Halim

Three Little G2-gnomes-coversnomes and a Boy Named Orion – Book #1:    The little gnomes, solve their no -name problem by asking for help. (For kids ages 3 – 8, Reading level grades 1-3)

Three Little Gnomes and the One-Bite Mystery – Book #2:  It’s a mystery!  WHO or WHAT  has been in Mr. Joe’s garden and ruined all the vegetables for the gnome’s “Droppin’ Time Stew?”  And WHY? (For kids ages 3 – 8, Reading level grades 1-3)

doonsey-booksDoonsey’s Beach Adventure (Book #1) & Doonsey’s Activity Book written & illustrated by Rhonda Paglia 

Doonsey is an ocean crab.  He loves to explore!  One day he sets out to explore the beach.  His calm exploring day becomes a “great rescue day.” He becomes a hero and makes some new and unusual friends.  (Kids 3 – 8; 48 pages)

color-rap-w-sealGrammy’s Rockin’ C0lor Rap-a-lcious Rap ~ Teaching Kids Colors by Rhonda Paglia, illustrated by Nicole Resele

Silly Grammy teaches kids colors with a Boom – Shee – Boom – Boom rockin’ beat!  Includes 10 additional activity pages  that may used by parents and teachers as tools for extended learning.   Kids will use the rhyming words, rhythmic beat, pictures and colors, to read this fun, funny little “Color Rap!” 36 pages, for kids 0 – 8, depending on the child’s learning  and reading ability.

little-lambsThe Little Lambs and the Very Special Mission by Rhonda Paglia, illustrated by Rhonda Paglia and Taylor Galask

Sweet little lambs answer God’s call and help deliver very important messages to Earth.  Dedicated to the children, teachers and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School and all victims of violence. Benefits the “Angels in Charge Scholarship.” (spiritual book for kids and adults)

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ – NONFICTION by Rhonda Paglia


Duke ‘n’ Matt, Rescue Road Warriors by Rhonda Paglia, information and photographs contributed by Matt Pi and Duke

Duke, a friendly red beagle, was rescued by Matt in 2009. Now Duke and Matt help transport rescued dogs to safe shelters, foster homes, and adoptive families.  A portion of the proceeds goes to the Rescue Road Warriors. (Middle grade – adults, 40 pages)

journey-through-scotlandA Journey Through Scotland ~ Lowlands and Highlands text and photographs by Rhonda & Tony Paglia (unless otherwise noted)

If you’ve been to Scotland, or want to travel to Scotland, or just want to learn about Scotland, “A Journey through Scotland, Highlands and Lowlands” pictorial book is for you. Inside the pages of this nonfiction travel journal are sights, facts, highlights, and points of interest in Scotland’s history. (Middle grade – adult; 70 pages.)



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