#Gr8Blogs Summer Road Trips 2018: Places to go and things to do in . . .

Western PA posterCheck the tire pressure.  Power up your GPS.  Dust off the maps.  We’re off on a family-friendly road trip across North America, Great Britain, and Australia in the #Gr8Blogs Summer Road Trips 2018.   My writerly pals and I are sharing insiders’ touring tips for your summertime fun.  I’m excited to guide you around my part of the world, WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA.  After your visit here, check out the links at the bottom of the page.  You can pop around the globe for other inspiring road trip ideas.

So, from this Western Pennsylvania gal, here are my top three suggestions of places to go and things to do in my part of the world.

#1:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is the cultural and sports hub of Northwestern Pennsylvania. There is so much to see and do – you could spend days exploring.

Strip District
The Pittsburgh Strip District

The Strip District:  This market area in downtown Pittsburgh is filled with unique shops, fresh flowers and produce, exotic grocery stores, restaurants, and of course, lots of shops with sports merchandise.  Pick up several loaves of Mancini bread, get all of your Italian supplies at the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company, and the stop at Primanti Brothers’ Restaurant for one of their famous mile-high Primanti sandwiches loaded with meats, cheeses, and other goodies including French fries and coleslaw.  Primanti sandwiches are also sold at each of the sports stadiums if you are planning to take in a game.

Interior of the Benedum Center for the Performing Arts

Theater, Culture and Museums:  If you love Broadway, musicals, drama, ballet, the symphony, check out the schedule for Pittsburgh’s theater and cultural district.  If you are a museum lover, Pittsburgh offers a wide variety of musems.  A few include:  the Carnegie Science Museum,

Pittsburgh Incline
Pittsburgh Incline & city view

the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History, Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh History Center; the Andy Warhol Museum, the Nationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning.  For kids:  the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.    If you enjoy exotic animals and plants, don’t miss the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, the National Aviary, and the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.  And for a great view of the city, head up to Mount Washington and take a ride on the Incline.

For additional information:

Pgh logosLove sports? Pittsburgh is of home of three major league sports teams. Links below. It’s also the home of  Rivers Casino if you enjoy playing the slots, and it’s within walking distance of the stadiums.

Pgh moviesFor Movie Buffs:  While looking up some of Pittsburgh’s highlights, I discovered that Pittsburgh has been the location for over 60 motion pictures.  I didn’t know that!  So movie fans, you might want to plan a drive around town and tour the locations of Pittsburgh’s “top 10 movies:”

  1. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
  2. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
  3. The Deer Hunter (1978)
  4. Wonder Boys (1999)
  5. Lorenzo’s Oil (1991)
  6. Angels in the Outfield (1951)
  7. Dogma (1998)
  8. Flashdance (1982)
  9. Hoffa (1992)
  10. Inspector Gadget (1998)

More about:  Movies Made in Pittsburgh

PghesePittburghese – just for fun:   If you listen carefully, maybe you’ll pick up some of the famous “Pittsburghese” language.  You might hear things like: “Yinz gotta be loose to rilly speak Pittsburghese.  Dere’s lotsa differ’nt parts to learn, but welcome to Picksburg.”

Loosely translated as:  “You’ve all got to be very loose to speak Pittsburghese.  There are a lot of different parts to learn, but welcome to Pittsburgh.”  Enjoy!   For more about Pittsburghese: More about Pittsburghese

#2:  A trip to our Amish Country is a must!   

New WilmingtonAn hour north of Pittsburgh are two charming little, country communities, New Wilmington and Volant.  These villages and the surrounding farm areas are the heart of our local Amish culture.  It’s hard to believe that there are communities within our modern society that exist and thrive without electricity and all the conveniences that the rest of us can’t live without!  However, if you visit our Amish area, you will see the Amish riding in their horse drawn buggies, shades of blue and gray laundry drying in the wind, and horses pulling the plows across the farmlands.  If you enjoy shopping, there are many shops in the Volant and New VolantWilmington that offer Amish goods, however, some Amish open their homes and sell colorful handmade quilted items, baked and canned goods, plants, and gorgeous handmade furniture.   If you only have a short time to drive through this area, make a quick stop at The Cheese House.  You will find not only a wide variety of delicious, locally made cheeses and deli meats, but also an abundance of Amish souvenirs, and homemade jams, jellies, and other canned goods.  If you stop at one of the roadside Amish baked goods stands, you might get lucky, and be able to purchase some of their melt-in-your-mouth, super-sized Amish donuts.  They are heavenly!  And if by chance, your horse needs it’s harness repaired, there are local Amish tack shops nearby, ready to assist.

#3: Pymatuning Lake and State Park 

Pymatuning mapI grew up on Pymatuning Lake, so I’m a little prejudiced.  As a country girl, I have to share this magical place I called home.  Pymatuning Lake State Park is about an hour and half north of Pittsburgh on the border of Pennsylvania and Ohio.  The lake is located within Pymatuning State Park and it’s the largest man-made lake in Pennsylvania: 18 miles long with over 26 square miles of lake surface.  The word “Pymatuning” is an Indian word that means “Man with the Crooked Mouth.”  If you look sideways at the shape of our lake on the map, it definitely looks like a crooked mouth.


If you love nature and outdoor recreation, there are lots of things to do at Pymatuning:  swim at our sandy Pymatuning picsbeaches, hike on the park trails, camp, fish, go boating, picnic, and have fun exploring.  While you are in the area, make sure to head over to the Pymatuning Spill Way and feed the fish!  There are so many fish, the duck’s walk on their backs!! You might also want to plan a visit to Jamestown’s (PA) Pymatuning Deer Park.  Build in 1953, this family friendly park features over 250 animals and birds from around the world, including black bears, lions, and camels.   Kids can take pony rides, and the family can take a train ride on the “Deer Park Express” and feed and pet the animals in the “Kiddie Zoo.”

Well that’s it for now.  Thanks for your company and for checking out our beautiful and exciting northwest Pennsylvania!  

So tell me about road trip favorites and must-sees in YOUR corner of the world?  Please share in the comments section. My writerly pals and I would love to virtual visit! And if you blog and want to hop with us, add a live hyperlink to your family-friendly road trip post in the comment section. We’ll swing by and give you some blog love!

There’s more more fun and inspirational Summer Road Trips ahead!  

Click over to your next destination at my #Gr8blogs pals below.  

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The Kindness Kids Project ~ Back Story

I’m a big fan of back stories, so I thought maybe you would enjoy the back story of how “The Kindness Kids Project” came about.   

 The Kindness Kids Project – The Back Story

Welcome Grammy 2
Welcome to Lowellville Elementary, Grammy Pags!

Two years ago, I was invited to be the guest author at the Lowellville (Ohio) Elementary School.  I read several of my stories to the kids; they helped me perform a little rhyme-rap; I answered questions about being an author; and I had the kids complete a drawing / writing book-related activity for me.

I had a blast, but more than anything, I was literally

Grammy & Literacy Coach, Mrs. Davis
Silly Grammy Pags (L) with Maryann Davis, Reading Specialist, Lowellville Elementary School.

blown away by how kind the faculty and students were to me.  They embraced me, my silly characters, my crazy clothes and banana slippers (it was Pajama Day); and they treated me like royalty!

Banana slippers
Banana Slippers

Days after my school visit, I was still thinking about the outpouring of kindness I received.  Our world really needs a lot of kindness, now more than ever.  I was also reading the answers to the activity I gave the kids, and getting a kick out of their responses and artwork.

kids at work 1
The kids working on a Woozler project!

Did I tell you that I’m a HUGE fan of art by kids?

Then it struck me . . . what if I put together a project with art and thoughts by kids with kindness as the topic?  So The Kindness Kids Project started to sprout.

I sent entry information to others schools, my teacher friends, and posted the entry information on social media.

#1 - Maeli Kornbau - Hermitage, Age 5Maeli, a little 5-year-old from Pennsylvania, sent in the first entry.  She drew pictures of people donating canned goods to help feed the poor.  Her entry touched my heart! Yay, that was number one!

I contacted the Lowellville reading specialist, Maryann Davis, and she and the students enthusiastically jumped right into the project.  Other schools and kids followed.

The project took almost two years, but I received 318 entries from kids ages 5 – 17 from eight states.  In this 72-Justin - matching sockspage compilation, you will find both serious and laugh-out-loud entries, and the artwork is adorable.  (Did I tell you I LOVE kids’ artwork?) I had such fun working on this project and I have great faith in these wonderful, thoughtful Kindness Kids.

Earth - Kindness changes the worldIt’s so difficult to pick a favorite entry, but I think Conner, age 13 of Pennsylvania, summed up The Kindness Kids Project the best.  Conner says, “Kindness will change the world!” I think he’s right.

Love and Kindness from Rhonda Paglia ~ Grammy Pags


Kindness Kids Project - cover from AmazonPS – A minimum of $2.00 from the sale of each book will be donated to our local school backpack program.  We’re gonna spread the kindness even more!

The Kindness Kids Project  is available in soft cover and for Kindle.

72 pages ~ Full Color

Large Print ~ Book size: 8.5″ x 11″


How to order The Kindness Kids Project

Softcover from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1984958003

Full book for Kindle:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BNF8LKL

Sampler for Kindle:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079ZQFK6G

To order signed copies of The Kindness Kids Project:

E-mail me at: grammypags1@gmail.com

Subject Line:  Kindness Kids Book order

Please include:

  • Your e-mail address
  • Your shipping address
  • The number of books you would like to order
  • Who you would like the books signed to  
  • For a limited time, I’m offering a reduced price of $13.50 each + shipping (shipping is pro-rated for multiple copies) 
  • Sales tax will be added to Pennsylvania orders. (Sorry about that – I’m required to charge 6% PA tax.)
  • I will e-mail you when I have received your PayPal payment.
  • Books will be shipped within 5 days after payment. 
  • I will notify you of when your books should arrive.  
  • Payment is through Paypal  

Thank you so much!  Sincerely, Rhonda Paglia ~ aka ~ Grammy Pags





Spring into Kindness

Wishing you a Happy Spring ~ and a world full of kindness for everyone! Updates and peeks at the Kindness Kids Project. #KindnessMatters

Crocus - Feb. 23 2018Happy early Spring from Grammy Pags! 

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the warmer temperatures and sunnier days.

I was so excited to see these little crocus babies with their heads peeking up out of the garden mulch today.  I think it’s the earliest ever – February 23! Spring is coming!! Yippee!!

The Kindness Kids Project ~ just about ready to go!

im-a-kindness-kid-smallerI love art and writing by kids!  I love their colorful drawings.  I love the words they use and how they express themselves.  I also love that kids create from their hearts.  When I taught elementary school, my students would write and illustrate stories for me.  These projects were some of my favorites.  Of course, I never kept them, because they were graded and returned to the kids, but oh how I wish I had some of those stories today!

Aubrey KThe Kindness Kids Project has been lots of work, but a ton of fun too.  I’m very excited about this project, and I love how it’s a vehicle for the kids to shine and focus on kindness through their art and words.

For a short time, a “Sample” of the Kindness Kids Project Book” is available at: Kindness Kids Book – Sampler

Kindness Kids Book fun facts:

  • I received 318 entries
  • From kids ages 5 -17
  • Entries came from: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Massachusetts, California, and Connecticut.
  • The project has taken almost 2 years to complete
  • The book will be full color with about 72 page
  • I tried to use as many entries, or parts of entries, as possible
  • I can’t pick a favorite – I love them all, but the one about “the brittle old Grandmother” made me laugh out loud. 🙂Brittle old grandmother
  • Book release date will be mid-April.
  • As I compiled the entries, I discovered that they started to fall into specific categories, so that’s how I’ve divided up the book.  A few categories are: how the Carry , gr 2 - animalsKindness Kids show kindness to others, to animals, and to the Earth.  Some of the kids had “advice” to share about kindness.  Some of the kids defined kindness, and I even received “Letters to Kindness” from the Lowellville, OhioKindness like catch 6th graders.  Super cool!

This has been such a fun project for me. My hope is that readers will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed working on it.  I’ll keep you updated on the final release date.

Morgan D - giving food to homeless

FINALLY – I am happy to announce:  Proceeds from the sale of the “Kindness Kids Book” will be donated to a local, Mercer County, PA school for their weekend backpack program.  I haven’t decided which school will receive the funds, but I’ll keep you posted.

I love kindness - Anthony M.Thanks for so much for stopping by.  Wishing you Happy Spring ~ and a world full of kindness for everyone!

#KindnessMatters #KindnessMatters #KindnessMatters

Fondly, Rhonda Paglia ~ Grammy Pags Stories for Kids


A “Sample” of the Kindness Kids Project Book is now available on Amazon:  Kindness Kids Book – Sampler


Other books by Rhonda Paglia:

Rhonda Paglia books – Amazon

Rhonda Paglia books – Barnes & Noble

12 covers

Check it twice! 6 great books for kids this holiday season!

Author Rhonda Paglia ~aka Grammy Pags ~ shares 6 favorite books by Indie Authors – perfect for the holidays, or anytime gift giving.

Happy holiday season everyone!  With the coming of Christmas giving, I’m excited to feature several of my favorite independent children’s authors and their wonderful books.  I really think kids would LOVE to find any of these special books under their Christmas tree this year.

For kids ages 3 – 8:

Introducing Sherman the Shopping Cart by author / teacher Rosie Russell.

Rosie poster

My review:   Not only is Sherman the Shopping Cart a cute story, but it’s a wonderful “search and find” activity book. Sherman narrates the story and directs the readers through the various sections of the grocery store. Besides looking for specific grocery items, kids will get a kick out of Sherman when he shares what it’s like to be shopping cart. His favorite place to go is the bakery aisle looking for birthday treats. One of my favorite parts was when Sherman explains how difficult some days can be, especially when dog food is on sale. “Oh my aching basket!” he says.  Children, parents, and teachers will love reading Sherman’s story and searching together; beginning readers will increase their sight vocabulary; and teachers will love the variety of activities that can be add to lessons on community, health, nutrition, and even math.  I also loved the extended enrichment activities at the back of the book including a grocery store scavenger hunt.  I highly recommend this book.  I think parents or grandparents should take their kids on a grocery store field trip with Sherman. What fun!

To purchase Sherman the Shopping Cart, or for more information on Rosie and her other books, please follow these links:

Rosie Russell’s Book Store

Sherman the Shopping Cart – from Amazon

Introducing Emma the Eager Emu by Australian author / teacher Sandra Bennett.

Sandra poster


My review:  Emma the Eager Emu is a beautifully written story of a determined Australian emu. Emma wants to learn to fly, just like her friends; however, she doesn’t realize that emus don’t fly. Emma tries and tries and tries. She knows she can fly! Emma’s bird friends are great. They step up, encourage her to keep trying, and come up with a variety of clever solutions to help solve her flying problem. Through persistence, Emma discovers that her differences are special, and that she has her own set of unique strengths and talents. This story provides lots of wonderful lessons and talking points about friendship, differences, talents, problem solving, and unique abilities. It’s a win-win, heart-warming story that kids will want to read again and again.  Beautifully illustrated by Dianna Budd, readers will feel the heat of the Australian desert and get to know more of the beautiful Australian wildlife through her rich, colorful illustrations. I loved the extra pages at the back of the book and enjoyed learning more about the native birds of Australia.

To purchase Emma the Eager Emu, or for more information on Sandra and her other books, please follow these links:

Author Sandra Bennett – Website

Emma the Eager Emu – from Amazon

Introducing Brooding School Blues by author / teacher Willy Robbins.

Willy poster

My review: Little Melba doesn’t want to go to school! She wants to stay home. However, with loving support from her family and a little role playing activity with her big brother, Melba starts to feel much better, and more confident, about her first day of school. This is a darling book with charming illustrations – kids will relate! As an extra bonus, author / educator, Willy Robbins has skillfully presented lots of discussion topics and opportunities within the story for parents who may be dealing with their child’s first day of school jitters. Just delightful!

To purchase Brooding School Blues, or for more information on Willy and her other books, please follow these links:

Brooding School Blues – on Amazon

Author Willy Robbins on Facebook

Books for older kids:

Introducing Sweet T and the Turtle Team by author / teacher Cat Michaels.

Cat poster

My review:  Tara (also known as Sweet T) and her family are visiting Aunt Mae on Gull Island. Lots of beach excitement, adventures, and challenges await her and her new island friends. The kids have mysteries to solve and a sea turtle nest to watch over and protect.  I love how author Cat Michaels has created a perfect beachy, island setting with colorful descriptions of the flavors, smells, and sounds of the South. Readers will feel the ocean breezes as they are sitting on Aunt Mae’s front porch munching on nutty boiled peanuts and eating warm biscuits slathered with fresh homemade peach jam. Yum! Woven among the chapters, kids will learn a lot about baby sea turtles, their nesting habits, and what volunteers, like T and her Turtle Team friends, are doing to help protect this species. There are several sections in the back of the book with actual pictures of baby sea turtles, “brain ticklers” for extended learning, and much more.

To purchase Sweet T and the Turtle Team, or for more information on Cat Michaels and her other books, please follow these links:

Sweet T and the Turtle Team – Cat Michael’s Bookstore

Cat Michaels on Facebook

Introducing Little Katie Goes to the Moon by author Carmela Dutra.

Carmy poster

My review:  As an adult, I enjoyed reading Little Katie Goes to the Moon, and I think kids will love it.  I especially liked how Ms. Dutra included scientific and space related vocabulary words and definitions.  Parents and teachers will appreciate these STEM learning components.  Kids interested in space science and space exploration will enjoy Katie’s adventure with her astro-dog, Smudge!  Little Katie Goes to the Moon was a recipient of a 2017 Silver Literary Classics Book Award.

To purchase Little Katie Goes to the Moon, or for more information on Carmela Dutra and her other books, please follow these links:

Carmela Dutra Books

Author Carmela Dutra on Facebook

Introducing Duke ‘n’ Matt, Rescue Road Warriors by author / teacher Rhonda Paglia (aka ~ Grammy Pags).

Rhonda poster

Review by Michelle Stanley of Readers’ Favorite:  Duke ‘n’ Matt, Rescue Road Warriors is an educational book by Rhonda Paglia, aka “Grammy Pags.” I love the adorable photos of the dogs in Duke “n” Matt, Rescue Road Warriors. These were contributed by Matt, along with the content. Rhonda Paglia wrote this book in such a clever format that kids won’t notice it’s designed to teach them about dogs and the important jobs they can have. Duke has his “Do’s and Don’ts” rules on dog care, and there is a fun trivia quiz based on the story. If you’re interested in adopting a dog, check the partial listing of animal shelters included in the book. You can also make a tax deductible contribution to the website. Part of the book sales benefit Rescue Road Warriors. Children will enjoy this story.

To purchase Duke ‘n’ Matt, Rescue Road Warriors, or for more information on Rhonda Paglia and her other books, please follow these links:

Duke ‘n’ Matt, Rescue Road Warriors – from Amazon

Rhonda Paglia – “Grammy Pags Stories for Kids” Website

Grammy Pags Stories for Kids – on Facebook

Christmas ad - with tree & Duke

Thanks for stopping by and supporting indie authors!




Halloweensie Contest for Children’s Writers: October 31, 2017

Children’s author, Susanna Leonard Hill, is hosting her 7th HALLOWEENSIE CONTEST. The rules: write a 100-word (or less) Halloween story for kids using the words candy cornmonster, and shadow (derivatives are permitted, and “candy corn” counts as one word).  I have entered other years.  It’s a challenging contest, but fun and mind bending.  Here is my 2017 entry (98 words!).  Enjoy!


By Rhonda Paglia ~ Grammy Pags Stories for Kids

“Shhstuck!  Help-p-p!  Shhstuck!”

Milton Monster thrashed around the floor of his bedroom yanking at his fangs.

“It’s schtuck!  Get it out!  Shhombody!  Pweeeeaaasee help!  Shhstuck!”

A dark shadow appeared in the doorway.

“That will teach you, you little green thief. Serves you right! Come here.”

Milton tottled over to his big brother.

“Open up!  Say ahhh!” ordered Felix.

Milton obeyed.  Felix yanked. Out popped the shhstuck candy corn and Milton’s tooth.

“Oooops,” laughed Felix.

“Wait! Feel-wix!  My toooof?” asked Milton.

“That’s what you get for stealing MY Halloween candy!”

“What?” bellowed Milton.  “Oh no!  Shhombody! Help-p-p! Unshhstuck!  Pweeeeaaasee!”

Visit: Grammy Pags Stories for Kids on Amazon


Summertime Reading Fun! The “back” story of the Doonsey Adventures!

Doonsey 2 front coverHi Everyone, It has been so long since I’ve posted a blog that I hardly remember how to do it.  So, if I make some boofs – please forgive me!

This blog is about the backstory for my two “Doonsey” stories, book # 1 & 2.

I’m finally ready to release my newest adventure for kids, Doonsey Returns, the Great Rescue, part 2!  I have been working this book since 2015 – for 2 years!  Writing the story was easy, however, the illustrations have taken FOREVER!!  This is a beach adventure with mystery, suspense, imagination, fantasy, and realism! Quite a combination for a children story!

I’ve talked to some friends and fans.  Here are a few questions that gthey have been wondering about:

Q. So Grammy, what’s Doonsey’s back story?

A. A little orange and green wind-up toy crab, some shells, pebbles, a crab claw, and some seaweed were  the inspirations for my two Doonsey Adventure stories.


My husband and I, and our daughter and family, were vacationing at Kure Beach in North Carolina in 2013.  In one of the local stores, I found an adorable little wind-up toy Before & after Doonseycrab.  I bought him and presented him to our granddaughter, Sofie.  She immediately named him Doonsey!  For the rest of our vacation, Doonsey went everywhere with us. He was the focal point of many beach photo shoots.  He was our very own, “Where’s Waldo!”

Q. How did you come up with the “Beach Buddies?”

Beach buddies page 1During that same Kure Beach vacation, my granddaughter and I were beach combing.   We found lots of shells, colorful pebbles, some crab claws, and strands of feathery sea weed.  We added these items to our sand sculptures.  Our creations ended up having some very interesting faces and personalities!  We named them the “Beach Buddies!”

It was then that my imagination started to work.  I wondered, What would happen if these “creatures / personalitites” came to life?  What if they wriggled their way right up out of the sand?  What if they took on HUMAN characteristics?  

Beach Buddies - from my bio.pngEven though our “beach buddies” looked pretty crazy, they were cute and fun to make.  I took lots of pictures of them.  So in addition to plenty of Doonsey pictures on the beach, I now had these whacky “beach buddy” creations.  We LOVED them!!

Q. How did the loggerhead turtles enter the story?  Before our vacation ended, we took a longer walk up Kure Beach.  We were amazed to discover an area with tape marked, page 22 - CS.jpg“CAUTION!”   It was a protected space and the location of a sea turtle nest!  Oh my gosh, what luck!!  During this ONE vacation, the inspiration for TWO stories for kids emerged!  The first story: Doonsey’s Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue.  In this story, Doonsey rescues Soferton, then helps rescue her friends, the Beach Buddies.  In the second story, Doonsey Returns, the Great Rescue, Part 2, Soferton, Doonsey, and the Beach Buddies are reunited, however, they meet some NEW little beach buddies – (shhhh) – sea turtle hatchlings!!  It’s so exciting!!

Q. Is there anything similar in both stories?

A.  In both stories, kids will use their imaginations and creativity.  The “Beach Buddies” imerge, there are educational activities, AND the Beach Buddies tell their silly knock-knock jokes (Beach Buddies LOVE knock-knock jokes!)

So what pre-readers saying?

  • My 6 year old niece and I really enjoyed this story. We particularly liked the way friends helped others and the interesting facts at the end. (J. Bombeck)
  • A fun summer beach book.  This cute kidlit book is filled with real life photos, mixed with an array of adorable illustrations. Readers and parents will enjoy going over the interesting facts and activities at the back of the book. (R. Russell)
  • If you are looking for kid friendly beach activities, pack this in your bag.  “Doonsey Returns” is a story that helps us see the treasures of the beach and shows us
    creative ways of how to have fun using them. An actual photo page gives us examples. The book also introduces us to an endangered creature that calls the beach home for part of its life. Best of all there is a whole page listing facts about it and a coloring page with questions to look back in the story. Another good point is it show all of us why it is so important to dispose litter properly. (R. Kairies)
  • I received the book as a gift for my daughter (age 7). She was quite thrilled. She found the characters entertaining and the story was at a level that she was able to take the concrete information and use her imagination. Her favorite part, though, was the information regarding turtles at the end. I found the transitions from one part of the story to the next slightly stiff, however, I am an adult reader. I actually find this to be beneficial in children’s reading, as it allows them a slight pause to use their imagination and logical thinking skills. it has inspired my daughter to create many of her own stories in similar fashion all this past week. (anonymous)

I am so grateful for the reviews coming in!  Thank you pre-review readers!!  My hope is that NEW readers and lots of kids will enjoy this fun, summertime, beach book that includes creativity, imagination, and realism!

Love from Rhonda Paglia, Grammy Pags Stories for Kids

Available from Amazon & Barnes & Noble:  Doonsey Returns, the Great Rescue, Part 2

Caleb ad for Doonsey - books available

Kindle Countdown: Jan. 16-23, 2017

Hi Everyone:   This is Kindle Countdown Week, Jan. 16- 23, for Grammy’s Rocking Color Rap-a-licious Rap ~ Teaching Kids Colors!  Starting atcolor-rap-ad $0.99, Grammy’s Rockin’ the colors with a boom-shee-boom boom beat!

From readers: “Rollicking” “Fun” “Colorful” “Humorous” “Educational”

Here’s the link:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B012HOFL2S

Includes 10 extra activity and enrichment pages.



Grammy’s Rockin’ Color Rap-a-licious Rap is available for Kindle and in Soft Cover. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B012HOFL2S normas-review-color-rap


New Year’s Resolutions -Goals for 2017

Happy New Year everyone!  I wish you all a joyfilled, productive, healthy, happy 2017. Here are a few of my New Year’s goals for 2017, both personal and in my writerly life.

Several personal goals for 2017:

  • I would love to lose and keep off 5 – 7 pounds – haha – wouldn’t we all!
  • I want to try to do a 2- 4 minute plank 5 days a week – I’ve got to tone up!
  • I want to continue to enjoy every minute with my husband, kids and grandkids.  I love them so much!

And – a few of my “writing / publishing” goals for 2017.

  • cover-original-for-kidsProject #1:  I’m currently working on a story book to color for kids and adults about the life of Jesus, the Angels, and some very special Saints.  I know this book won’t be for everyone.  That’s okay. It’s definitely a niche book, most likely for my Catholic friends and audience, but again, I’m okay with that.  I love spiritual topics and the lives of the saints are facinating to me.  For Christmas this year, I created a story / coloring book like this for my grandchildren (my version of “super heroes”).  I thought something spiritual to take to church would be a little better than books about ninja turtles, you know what I mean.  I was so pleased with the outcome, that I’ve decided to expand the original book, add more saints, and set a release goal for Easter, 2017.  We’ll see if I can make this happen.  Watch for updates!
  • Project #2:  I plan to complete Doonsey’s second book – Doonsey’s Return, the Great donsey-2-coverRescue, Part 2.  Hopefully this picture book will be ready by summer 2017.  In this story, Doonsey receives a note in a bottle from his friend, Soferton.  She’s so worried.  The Beach Buddies need their help!  So once again, our little hero heads back to the beach, meets up with Soferton, and the two friends end up with not one “great” rescue, but two!




  • im-a-kindness-kid-smallerProject #3:  The Kindness Kids Project – This will be a book by kids, but for kids and adults.  Through artwork and the written word, kids will share how they are showing kindness throughout our communities and our world.  Little 5-year-old Maeli, USA, submitted the first entry.  I’m so proud of her and her way of showing kindness to others.  I hope lots of kids will enter this contest.  It’s for kids ages 4 – 17, entry deadline is June 30, 2017.  Kids and classes will receive a special “Kindness Kid” certificate from me – as long as I receive some kind of contact information.  For details, here’s the link in this blog:  The Kindness Kids Project.  I plan to share some of the entries as they come in, so you can check back at this link: Kindness Kids Project – Artwork Entries

I have a few other ideas on the back burner, but if I complete these projects this year, I will consider it a success.  Again, Happy New Year everyone!  Keep reading to your kids and grandkids!  Love Rhonda, Grammy Pags


NEW Christmas Stories for Kids & Families

Ho-Ho-HO! Lots going on in Christmas story world! Mrs. Jessica Claus has got her “girl power” going on; Santa has shorted out the “power grid” and needs help from Lovable Lobo and friends; “Thingy” is causing all kinds of havoc for the “Top of the Wardrobe Gang;”and Sofie & Meeda are hatching a special Christmas plan for the grumpy Woozler who is freezing outside!  Check out these super cool Christmas stories for kids!