Spring into Kindness

Wishing you a Happy Spring ~ and a world full of kindness for everyone! Updates and peeks at the Kindness Kids Project. #KindnessMatters

Crocus - Feb. 23 2018Happy early Spring from Grammy Pags! 

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the warmer temperatures and sunnier days.

I was so excited to see these little crocus babies with their heads peeking up out of the garden mulch today.  I think it’s the earliest ever – February 23! Spring is coming!! Yippee!!

The Kindness Kids Project ~ just about ready to go!

im-a-kindness-kid-smallerI love art and writing by kids!  I love their colorful drawings.  I love the words they use and how they express themselves.  I also love that kids create from their hearts.  When I taught elementary school, my students would write and illustrate stories for me.  These projects were some of my favorites.  Of course, I never kept them, because they were graded and returned to the kids, but oh how I wish I had some of those stories today!

Aubrey KThe Kindness Kids Project has been lots of work, but a ton of fun too.  I’m very excited about this project, and I love how it’s a vehicle for the kids to shine and focus on kindness through their art and words.

For a short time, a “Sample” of the Kindness Kids Project Book” is available at: Kindness Kids Book – Sampler

Kindness Kids Book fun facts:

  • I received 318 entries
  • From kids ages 5 -17
  • Entries came from: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Massachusetts, California, and Connecticut.
  • The project has taken almost 2 years to complete
  • The book will be full color with about 72 page
  • I tried to use as many entries, or parts of entries, as possible
  • I can’t pick a favorite – I love them all, but the one about “the brittle old Grandmother” made me laugh out loud. 🙂Brittle old grandmother
  • Book release date will be mid-April.
  • As I compiled the entries, I discovered that they started to fall into specific categories, so that’s how I’ve divided up the book.  A few categories are: how the Carry , gr 2 - animalsKindness Kids show kindness to others, to animals, and to the Earth.  Some of the kids had “advice” to share about kindness.  Some of the kids defined kindness, and I even received “Letters to Kindness” from the Lowellville, OhioKindness like catch 6th graders.  Super cool!

This has been such a fun project for me. My hope is that readers will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed working on it.  I’ll keep you updated on the final release date.

Morgan D - giving food to homeless

FINALLY – I am happy to announce:  Proceeds from the sale of the “Kindness Kids Book” will be donated to a local, Mercer County, PA school for their weekend backpack program.  I haven’t decided which school will receive the funds, but I’ll keep you posted.

I love kindness - Anthony M.Thanks for so much for stopping by.  Wishing you Happy Spring ~ and a world full of kindness for everyone!

#KindnessMatters #KindnessMatters #KindnessMatters

Fondly, Rhonda Paglia ~ Grammy Pags Stories for Kids


A “Sample” of the Kindness Kids Project Book is now available on Amazon:  Kindness Kids Book – Sampler


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