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What the world needs now, is KINDNESS, sweet kindness! Grammy Pags Stories for Kids is putting together a collection of the best examples of how kids show kindness to others. 1-maeli-kornbau-hermitage-age-5This will be a book for kids AND adults!  Children are leaders too.  By following the examples of our children, hopefully we can all help make our world a better place for everyone. Please encourage your kids, grandkids, and the kids in your life, to participate in the “World Kindness Kids Project!”


Hi Kids!  I hope you will consider participating in my “Kindness Kids” project.  I’m in the process of collecting drawings, photographs, poems, written ideas, or a combination, from kids, just like you, who are showing kindness to others in our world.  My plan is to collect all kinds of wonderful examplkindness-certificate-1es of kindness by kids and their friends. I will select 50, or more, of the best entries that will be included in a Kindness Kids Book.  ONLY kids, ages 4 – 17, may enter. Entries that are selected for inclusion in the book, will receive a special award!


Here are the entry RULES:

  1. You may use an 8 1/2” by 11” piece of computer paper.  Start your entry by writing, “I’m a Kindness Kid.  I show kindness when I  . . . .” (then finish the sentence and draw your picture.)
  2. If possible, I would love for your original drawings or pictures have really bright colors.
  3. If you are submitting an original poem, story, or a paragraph of your kindness thoughts and ideas, there is a 200 word limit. Space is limited.  If you are submitting artwork, make sure you add a sentence or paragraph to explain how you show kindness to others.
  4. AGE limit: This is a KIDS ONLY contest: Kids ages 4 – 17 may participate
  5. Please sign your entry with your first name and last initial only, your country, and your age.        (Ex. Amy P., Pennsylvania, USA, age 8).
  6. Entry deadline: June 30, 2017.
  7. PLEASE: Make sure to include your return address, an e-mail address, or some kind of   contact information so that if your entry is selected, I will know where to mail your Kindness Kids Award!  Thank you!
  8. ALL entries that are chosen for the “Kindness Kids Project Book” will receive a “Kindness Kids Award!”
  9. All classroom submissions will receive a “Kindness Class Award” for participation!


WHERE TO MAIL YOUR ENTRY:  Entries may be mailed to: Grammy Pags Stories – Kindness Kids Project, 347 Butterfly Lane, Hermitage, PA 16148.
I hope you will participate!  Thank you so much for being a Kindness Kid!   You are setting a wonderful example of kindness to others.  Watch for sample entries here and on my website.  Stay tuned!!
Love from, Rhonda Paglia of Grammy Pags Stories for Kids
P.S. – As entries come in, I will be posting them on several pages including this blog :  Kindness Kids Project – Entries
Post may also be seen on my website: and Grammy Pag Stories for Kids Facebook Fan page:
Finally, if you get a chance – hop over and check out “Grammy Pags Stories for Kids” on my Amazon Author page:





Author: Rhonda Paglia, Children's Author

In a former life, Rhonda Paglia was an elementary teacher with the Hermitage (PA) School District. Third and fourth grades were her favorite grades to teach. Now Rhonda writes stories for kids – and the young at heart. To date, she has authored 17 published books, and many unpublished stories that she has written with and for her grandchildren. Rhonda and her husband, Tony, have three grown children, five grandchildren, and a little pup named Bella. "Grammy Pags," as she is called, yoga, tap dancing, gardening, and of course, writing stories for kids! Ms. Paglia is a member of SCBWI, PennWriters, and WestPA Authors. Visit Grammy Pags Stories at: or Facebook: Twitter: Rhonda Paglia @grammypags1

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