October: Halloween, Family Fun + a NEW Grammy Pags Story!

It’s Pirate Grammy with Doonsey & the Woozler

Hi Everyone – Happy Halloween!!

Here’s what’s in this blog:

  • Halloween Family Fun
  • Halloween Dinner Menu & more ideas – adding a few pics from our 2016 Spooky Halloween Dinner!!
  • Not-so-scary books for kids – a list by Dena McMurdie 
  • Grammy Pags’ newest story, The Woozler’s Halloween – currently available for Kindle

In our family, we get a kick out of dressing up for Halloween! Actually, we love to dress up – period!  We’ve always had a dress up box in our house – one for our kids when they were little, and now we have one for our grandchildren.  We make up little plays and stories, go for treasure hunts, and just pretend. It’s lots of fun!

Halloween has always been a “non-scary” time for our kids and grandkids.  We decorate pumpkins, we might go to our local corn maze, we always pass out treats – with NO tricks, and for many years, we had a good old “Spooky” Halloween dinner.

Our Halloween dinner menu might consist of the following:

Pirate Stew – chili or chicken noodle soup (this year it was Broccoli slaw!)

Fish Scales – potato / tortilla chips

Grammy and her Googly-Eyed Threeps!

Swamp Slime – chip dip / humus

Swamp Juice – fruity punch or cider

Skeleton Bone – cut up veggies

Googley Eyes – deviled eggs with black olives

And a TreasureChest Dessert – usually gooey donuts with lots of sprinkles!

This year we had  “Dracula’s Donuts!”

Our kids have the best time making up the names for our dinner delectibles!

Do you want more Halloween menu ideas? Here’s a link from Pintrest:  More Halloween menu ideas from Pintrest!

Do your kids love Halloween stories?  If so, here’s a special list of  NOT so SCARY list of Halloween books for Kids provided by Dena McMurdie.

Finally, one more question:  Do YOU have a WOOZLER in YOUR backyard?  We do!!  This year, the poor little woozler has a super big problem!  Halloween has never been so tense!

Check out:  The Woozler’s Halloween written and illustrated by Rhonda Paglia – a Grammy Pags Story for Kids.  Go get that rascally culprit, Woozler!!

the-woozlers-halloweenThe Woozler’s Halloween

is NEW from Grammy Pags Stories

ONLY available for Kindle – $2.99 

Here’s the link: The Woozler’s Halloween 

Available in paperback – 2017   

I have lots of “woozler” stories.  This Halloween story is a little out of sequence from the other “woozler” stories, but I thought that kids might enjoy it for this Halloween season fun!  If you and your kids like this story, please leave a review on Amazon! Thank you so much!!!

Other Woozler stories:


4e230-happy2bhalloween2bwoozlerLove ya!  Grammy Pags

Check out: Grammy Pags Stories for Kids on Amazon